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    Asus N750JV screen flicker (dark backgrounds and low brightness)

    Hi everybody,

    First of all, I'm not an english speaker, so please excuse my english.

    I just got an Asus N750JV laptop, and I have the EXACT same issue explained in this thread :

    I found this post on this thread, and I think it's the solution to my problem too :

    But the problem is that I cannot change the refresh rate on my PC. I'm only able to choose 40Hz or 60.

    If I go to the NVIDIA Panel, I'm only able to change the 3D settings :

    I think I'm forced to use "Intel HD graphics" to change the refresh rate, but I only got to choices : 40Hz or 60.

    I found on the Intel website that I can use "CustomModeApp.exe", located on "C:\Windows\System32" to create a custom profile. The issue is that when I do it with 67Hz - as indicated in the thread - It says that :

    In english, it must be something like "Custom resolution exceeds the maximum capacity bandwidth" (I'm not sure at all).

    Please, tell me that there is a way to choose 67Hz !

    Thanks a LOT in advance !

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