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    Want to upgrade ASUS K55N-DB81 Hard drive

    I've done enough research to know that the current hard drive in my ASUS K55N-DB81 is a Hitachi 750 GB Sata II @ 3Gb/s. The question I'm posing is, can my K55N be upgraded to a Sata III @ 6Gb/s? The sleuthing I've done about hard drives has told me that using a Sata III hard drive on a Sata II system will work but not without some performance issues. Where the Sata III will actually perform less as well, that is transfer rate below 3/Gbs, as the Sata II hard drive.

    I called HGST today to ask them a question about one of their hard drives. The support representative I spoke with told me that, today a majority of modern motherboards' firmware will automatically pick up and run an upgraded hard drive. And configure it to run as efficiently as 6 Gb/s. I purchased my ASUS laptop no more than 4 months ago from newegg. So I'm curious if anyone has upgraded their laptop from a Sata II to Sata III hard drive in an ASUS K55 series and had any performance specs to relate about it.

    Any input would be appreciated. Can't seem to find a 1TB hard drive below Sata III. And if I go through the trouble of buying a new hard drive and cloning it, I would at least like to be able to add more GBs than I got now. Thank you.

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