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    Sound card vs Digital Audio Killer Combat.

    Hi, before everything... who doesnīt want to work in Asus ? i think this company is Awesome, with the pass of the years i become a great fan of Asus products love them and i would like them improve with the time.
    The reason i am writing this... is because iīm dissapointed the technology surrounding the audio theme.

    iīm going to number the issues iīve got in the last time regading to this...
    1- Conectivity
    2- audio Card
    3- home theatre
    4- channels 2 4 6 8 ?
    5- Digital or analog?

    well starting with point 1
    I love listening music and the best of all is i donīt want to use earphones because y iīm delighted to feel the music in my body not only my ears... itīs feel different.
    when conectivity cames to the table, letīs talk about any card... not the one iīm using (Asus Xonar Dx 7.1) two ways.. analog or digital by spdiff or tosslink.
    Analog ok... first of all itīs a copper cable i have 3 displays and a lot of cables behind the desk ... itīs filter noise to the HT ( which iīm using a Harman/ Kardon avr 365... this new HT.. doesnīt bring 5.1 discrete imputs for audio so i canīt use it for surround music.
    another issue... so if you wanīt to filter some noise... you will think... OK iīll buy pro audio Cables... but the thing is.. that those cables bring a rather big jack ... so you couldnīt plug into your sound card... (any splitter or connector that you add it deprecate quality) so... here we have a problem you have to manage with your creativity...
    Spdiff or toslink.
    spdiff is like a digital over copper ... using LFE audio signals ... never try it... itīs crappy
    TOSSLINK here starts my problems....
    ok have an ultimate Digital home theatre and iīhave a nice sound card...
    when you connect your PC and your HT... with tosslink
    Audio sampling will be 44khz whyyy??? because itīs an old format and there is a lot of information and the information must be compressed (dolby DTS.... etc) sending the 5.1 audio signals to the reciver

    So... by one hand.. you have the analoge 5.1 audio by copper cable Having HDMI and all new technologys..this is from the era of dynosaurs... trying to live with ultimate technology in HT... who are pushing to new formats and standars of quality.... but when we are talking abut PC .. braking milestones of overclocking we are centurys stucked with this kinds of conectivity between to worlds.
    And i would like a solution From Asus or any Business partner in conjunction with ASUS ...

    point n2
    Well at this point Ok you have a home theatre! why donīt you connect your Video card using HDMI to your HT?
    Well guys i have 2! xfx 7970 black edition in crossfireX mode... ok letīs say i will connect my video cards to the HT using the passtrough... so why bother buy a Sound Card???? and if i like to have some processing and improve my audio?? letīs say that this passtrough is the raw audio recorded ... and i lost the posibility of play whith it my ear is not the same as yours...
    and i have Harman you have sony anther one have onkyo.. lotīs of posibilitys...

    point N3
    Come on guys... the people who make home teathers is evolving... but i donīt see the sound cards evolving in the way to make our task easier...
    better quality (over an old format) Shielding, changing electronic components, better components... ok this is a plus... but when we try to take that from the card... using copper or old standars...itīs like something dissapointing.

    point n4
    Channels... ok itīs a windows limitation... but you spect me to see the propierties of any file i reproduce to know how many channels is it recorded? or start playing with the xonar center to know which channels are playing... come on... (over digital) ... this sucks ... xonar center must recognize it!

    point n5
    Digital or analoge i think audio technology in computers must evolve if you want get more of your hardware..... everything is evolving to digital... any TV is HD now is comming 4k and new quality 3d content ... but audio hasnīt evolve... yes we have dts dolby master audio... lotīs of formats compessions and qualitys... but in pc ... they are like separated worlds...

    I thought the product xonar HDAV was a solution for all my worries... but asus discontinued why? why they didnīt impulse this product... ?
    i know there were some problems whith this product... but i think something revolutionary could rebirth from this.

    well i hope not boring you all with my comments...
    greetings form Argentina

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    any comments?
    MAximusS V Extreme + XFX 7970 black ed CrossfireX + 3 tb WD Black + Crucial m4 OS/Games + TT 1000W TRX2 + 4 Multi -Display + Xonar DX7.1 + Core i7 3770k + 16gb Gskill TridentX 2.4ghz + LG 2486l display x 3 + philips 42" tv + Thermaltake element V + Harmand/Kardon and Polkaudio 5.1 sound system ready :P

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