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    Quote Originally Posted by Miliano View Post
    yeah this happen to me a while back. First you need to identify which touchpad you have. the G74sx came out with two different types.
    Sentelic, and Synaptics
    To find out on win 8.1
    press WIN+x
    them M for Device Manager
    then click "Mice & other pointing devices"
    then right click on the pointing device and select properties, details.
    it should say something that hints at it being either one, i cant remember what it said for mine, initials for sentelic
    something like slc or stl or tlc
    so then if have the drivers already downloaded, click on drivers tab, the uninstall drivers to remove what ever is on there
    then choose update driver, choose "browse my computer" and go to where ever you put the downloaded driver for that type
    I've tried installing both drivers, neither work.

    Is there a registry key I can delete destroying the touchpad?

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    hi guys! ... i have a question.. im running windows 8.1 64bit on my g74sx... everything is fine except for one thing, the processor.. on windows 7, it can go up to 3.0ghz for maximum speed.. but in 8.1, i'm only getting a maximum speed of 2.2ghz, and it averages around 1.5-1.8ghz.. is this happening to anyone running windows 8 on asus g74sx?

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