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    Asus G73JW problems

    Hi guys,

    I have a bit of a problem with my G73. I recently did a fresh new install of Win7 due to crashes among other things. But i also experienced some problems with my wlan connection, problem was that it went up and down...

    It works kinda ok now, but the strange thing is that when i was playing som SC2, the connection went down, i've suspected it being related to USB-ports (or the motherboard). Why? Because when i disconnect 2 out of 3 devices plugged in - it works like a charm. I have a cooling pad, Razer Banshee headphones and a mouse plugged in. When i removed Headset + cooling pad it works, but not otherwise.

    So my question is if anyone else has experinced a similar problem?
    I also have an unidentified PCI device in device manager that i can't seem to figure out what it could be - i've obviously tried searching for drivers with no luck - i don't really know what it's for, so it's a bit tricky figuring out what drivers to use... It says under properties "PCI slot 4, PCI bus 5 device 0 function 0"

    Thanks in advance

    Ps. First time poster, so be nice

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