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    Quote Originally Posted by Glasofruix View Post
    There's that Raja guy around here who works for asus, but he's not much help since he's not directly responsible of anything hardware or software related, i trust him when he says he speaks to the dev team however (whether they listen to him or not, probabaly not). But then he keeps on insisting that we contact our local asus support concerning problems as if there was a magical barrier preventing him from helping people from other countries, nothing helps the problem solving more than a decentralised data gathering....
    Let me tell you what the magical barrier is: I am employed by the US region to work only for the US region. The ASUS structure is segmented by region. That means EACH region is responsible for taking care of its customers. You might not like it, but that is the system and you need to work with it. All the info goes back to HQ. I am not going to start doing work that the support department of your region is set up to do. They have to report the bugs back as well as do hardware support.

    If you have a complaint to make about it, take it up with your region and keep it at that level. Anything further aimed at me to cajole a response in order to suit your needs, the needs of others, or make things personal will get folks a vacation/ban.

    I spend plenty of time going over an above behind the scenes, even when on leave like today.

    Thank you

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