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    That is the main issue we are having issues with. We paid top dollar for a "ROG" labeled gaming sound card. Yet no one in tech support knows anything about the sound card, the drivers or anything on each call. How long should we be expected to wait for a proper working product that we paid for? We was told no later then October 2013 and here it is now the middle of November 2013.

    Once again if you call to try and get information they act like they have no clue or really don't want to say anything. Buying another sound card like you suggested is about the best advice I seen so far. But then all the weight is shifted off of Asus. Then the more people that buy another card the less threads of problems and asking for drivers are posted.

    Then the sad part is you now have a $200 dollar paperweight sound card you had to replace for zero support. Asus should offer a exchange for something else at this point. Because we know they will not give you the money back on this problem. With a exchange option for another item, people wouldn't just be throwing money away they would actually have a option. As I don't want to have $400+ tied up in 2 sounds cards and only one works.

    At the very least Asus could do a public apology at this point and time. Creative Labs did it when their Zxx series cards had it. So it should be that hard to do it for Asus. But something needs to be done at this point and time. I know it is wrong, you know it is wrong and all these people that bought a top tier sound card knows it is wrong. Tell Asus to do what is right as it isn't that hard to figure out they can't offer support on this sound card now.

    You have to put yourself in these customers shoes. Buy a item get zero support and just empty response phone calls. Ask yourself how would you feel, what would you do? I'm 100% sure you would let people know how you feel for 1 year and 6 months of ZERO SUPPORT. We all have to vent in one way or another. But we need to get some results and honestly shouldn't have to buy another sound card because Asus can't support a product they released. It isn't the end-users problem it is Asus's. They need to do what is right and it is that hard to figure out now.

    P.S. I really don't post much in here now. As it is just beating a dead horse at this point and time. But something needs to be done to make all this bad support and products right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raja@ASUS View Post
    You have to keep asking until you do get an answer. If none is given then the date has not yet been determined, so contact again at a later date.

    The thing is when people don't get the answer they want, they tend to resort to calling the info a lie or whatever else - as evidenced perfectly above. HQ don't respond on the forums, nor will they do so. I can't help with release dates, I tried once and that did not help me or anyone else - ever since anything I do is labelled as a lie when I don't give people the info they want. On top of that, my role is not support, nor do I deal with anything outside the US.

    At this point, best thing I can suggest to you all that cannot wait any further is to find a solution that works for you, don't hang around in frustration if you can't or don't want to keep going through this. The process is what it is and it is not going to change.

    Anyone outside the US region needs to direct ALL support requests to their local support department. If you've got time to post here, you've got time to contact support.

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