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    Rumour: AMD's working on an R9 280X with Tahiti XTL-GPU

    More info very interesting for the future


    By Marc Mouthaan, Saturday October 26, 2013 02:25 PM, source: Ocaholic

    Sources over at claim that AMD is secretly working on an R9 280X graphics card with a Tahiti XT2 GPU instead of a Tahiti XTL GPU. The Tahiti XTL GPU was allegedly not ready in time for the launch of the R9 280X, after which AMD opted for the Tahiti XT2 chip.

    The Tahiti XTL chip is more efficient and thus operates cooler. By implication, its overclocking potential is also greater. The latest rumours mention that the other specifications of the card, including its clock frequencies, are unchanged. AMD plans to implement the new chip in its R9 280X as early as November, without any announcement or version number indication. AMD R9 280X cards with the Tahiti XTL GPU will therefore only be recognizable by a different BIOS-version.

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