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    Update Causes No Post

    I updated my GPU Tweak to the newest version (10/25/2013) and here is what I did exactly and what went wrong.

    First, I overclocked my GTX 770, having no issues. A couple hours later I remembered I needed to update GPU Tweak. First I tried to do it through the program but it froze and stopped installing, before I closed it I read that the VBIOS variable read something along the lines of "GTX 770". I restarted it and checked for an update, and although the window said it had one still, when I click on it to install it said that it was already up-to-date. But this time, the VBIOS variable was blank/nothing. So, I went to ASUS' website, figuring it would fix itself after a reboot, and downloaded the new version and installed it with the installer. I have Windows 8.1 (updated from Windows 8 when it came out) so I got the Windows 8.1 version. After installing, I restarted my computer and I didn't get a post. No screen at all. A couple of A2 Q-codes and the occasional AA, but no signal to my monitor. I have confirmed it is not a GPU issue as I had someone give me a spare and it still won't boot. So I'm trying to figure out if it is a BIOS problem (P9X79 PRO) or something else. There was no smoke or lots of heat. I also updated my BIOS (something I've been meaning to do for a while) to the newest version (10/25/2013) also.

    Thanks in advanced!

    Edit: I think it could have been an over-voltage. However, I moved it only to the max from 200 to 212. So I'm not so sure that was the issue. Also, I have a 1000W PSU and it has not failed, so there is plenty of power. I think the motherboard and possibly the GPU has been fried. However, I can't test if it is the motherboard and the GPU because I won't know if it's the GPU until I see if the motherboard is OK and no one I know has a spare that is LGA 2011.
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