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    HELP ME PLEASE!! Asus Crosshair V formula Z With dual ram issues

    Best Asus.

    I have a problem iritant've been up all night and really but really tried everything ...

    The problem is so I 4x4 GB ram total of 16 GB in dual, but cpu z says that it is single but 16 gb and windows also 16gb but 8gb available and task management says that 8 gb reserved for hardware and the bios says who have total 8 gb ram remapping enablement put all standard windows 8.1 reinstalled ... and because I have this motherboard, I thought I mail you a while if you know something ....

    asus crosshair v formula z

    my pc specs are:
    Windows 8.1 64 NL
    Vengeance ® Low Profile - 16GB Dual Channel DDR3
    FX6300 amd processor at 3.5
    Do you know what this is and what I can do because the motherboard asus and actually everything goes through the motherboard, it
    so it seems to me that it is the motherboard.

    let me know something please!!

    have been more than 24 hours awake!!

    M.v.g Wouter

    p.s. Sorry for my bad english.!!

    have u qestions? or u know how or what ?? pm me thanx!!

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    what sort of windows version of 8.1 do you have??

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    Do you have one kit or two dual channel kits?

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    Before you would go into OS, try every module in every DIMM slot with memtest86+ - if that works, then both your mobo and RAM is OK...

    Then try two modules in red slots, then all four modules - at least 4 cycles... first a BIOS defaults, then at your desired OC settings... there is no warranty for OC'ing usually, but the specs on the modules should be achievable...

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    Also from Raja long back .. and vengeance has been a problem for a while ..

    Enter the bios:
    Go to Dram settings..
    scroll down to [read to read] change it to 5 (I believe default is 3)
    then scroll to the bottom and change the default typerate from T1 to T2 ..
    This may get you up and running until you can 'tweak' out the particular
    issues between your cpu and memory .. no 2 play together the same.
    Also, if you have not before .. in the CrossHair section of the forum under the stickies you will
    find an extensive 'memory database' started by @Kipper, added to by many, especially @Praz
    Best of Luck.c.

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    hello thnx bro,s for the comments first answer i have windows 8.1 64x nl by system settings says windows 8 so no pro i think
    arne i have now ne dual channel kut 16 gb 2x8 of corsair dominator platinum 1600
    and chrsplmr i try that now i come later back

    thnx for the advise

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