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    Spacebar sqeaks on 6 month old G75VX

    I've not owned my G75VX for more than 6 months, and I've only typed texts to a minimum on this device (it's not being used for office work) but the spacebar has recently started squeaking like a mouse... ASUS just keeps disappointing me in terms of quality...

    Anyway, any fixes for this other than sending it to ASUS headquaerters? I wouldn't mind opening it for a DIY repair if there's such a solution.

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    I experience the squeak too. But it only occurs where I use it alot (i.e. gaming)

    I've had my G75VX about 5 months too, started squeaking at the 3rd month

    I use noise cancelling headphones most of the time or just about any headphones where I don't mind the squeak. Besides, I find returning it for a fix to be such a hassle for a minor problem

    Better yet, get another set of keyboard. For sure I will invest on one soon.

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    if you can do youself, you can dismantle KB and check speckey, also you can buy new kb to replace from asus USA e-store or sent to asus service center to replace it.

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    At least ASUS is using a metal track instead of a plastic one?
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