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Thread: Boot to DVD?

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    Boot to DVD?

    How the heck do we boot to a DVD?

    My unit came with Windows 8 which is junk... When it comes to USB 3.0 external drives, it constantly connects and disconnects and in some cases now will not even recognize the device at all. I have changed external drive enclosures, cables and ports. And I just finished re-installing clean the Windows 8 original install to try that in case something just corrupted... and still get the same issue...

    The final straw was it wigged out my 4-bay enclosure and crashed all four drives.. each 4TB in size.. To get them back I had to plug the enclosure into a Windows 7 machine, use tools to fix the drives then a recovery program to find the missing directories that just disappeared from the drives..

    I am DONE with Windows 8... period.

    BUT I cannot seem to figure out how to boot to a disc! In the bios it only shows the main Hard drive in the boot section... it does not show the DVD drive or any other entry..

    Take it light....


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    You have to disable secure boot, and use "Launch CSM". This will allow you to boot like a normal PC and wont fast boot.

    From windows 8, choose restart, and press the "F2" key right after you see the backlight in the keyboard go out and come back on. Its quick, so be ready for it. This will get you into the Bios. (Sounds like you may have already gotten that far from your post)

    From the Bios, go under the security tab, and go to Secure Boot Menu. From there, Change secure boot to disabled. Go to the "Boot" tab, and disable "fast boot" and enable "Launch CSM". This will then allow you to boot from USB/CD.

    I could not boot from a CD or USB until I changed those settings. But Windows 8 uses those settings. I only did this to flash my vbios and then re-enabled the options in the Bios as Windows 8 freaks out of Secure boot is not enabled.

    Im not sure at what point you could re-enable secure boot. I dont know if it would just work after you did the initial install of Windows 8 or what. maybe somebody else can chime in on that. Again, this is just what I had to do to boot to a USB Drive/DVD. I messed with it for about 3 days pulling my hair out trying everything under the sun until I found this posted on some forum regarding another Asus laptop.
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    If it's tough to catch 'F2' on the restart or power up, try holding the shift key in Win8 when you restart and it should get you into the troubleshooting options.
    From there choose 'troubleshoot', 'advanced options', and finally 'UEFI Firmware settings'/restart to get into the bios.

    Once you disable secure boot and enable CSM, it may get a little easier to catch the 'F2' at boot or restart although I believe it can still be done with some difficulty if you don't.

    Some people have better luck tapping ESC a couple times (don't keep tapping) at power up to see the boot menu and option to enter set up.
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    F2? Isn't ESC the BIOS hotkey on the G750 series?

    In any case, you can tap it repeatedly or hold the key once you see the screen backlight (just before the ROG logo appears). Once you're in the BIOS utility, disable Secure Boot menu and enable Launch CSM. You don't need to disable Fast Boot on top of those.
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