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Thread: Pcie slots

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    Pcie slots


    Grateful, if someone advise on:

    My mainboard is RF4. Two Pcie x16 slots are occupied with watercooled gpus (titans) set up in sli. And there's a 3rd older gpu not in sli but dedicated to physics, which I had to insert into the very bottom pcie slot. There was no way to insert it in-between the above 2 sli-ed gpus because of watercool bridge (connector). In the result, now my gpus are running at 16 + 8 + 8 pcie speed. Whereas I planned 16 + 16 + 8.
    The question is: in cases where there's no need for physics (e.g. Battlefield 4), what's a proper way to make the 3rd older gpu invisible by the system, without unplugging it, so that the remaining two gpus run at 16 + 16?

    P.S I tried 1) disabling the 3rd older gpu in device manager, 2) turning off the very bottom pcie slot, to no result - the system still reads the remaining two gpus as 16 + 8. Also I tested Metro LL bench with and without th 3rd older gpu, and the difference is quite significant (avg42fps vs avg48fps), which means that there's still sense in keeping a 3rd gpu dedicated to physics. Resolution 2560x1600.

    Thank you.

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    Hi el1403

    I don't know how to take that result for Metro bench...6 fps difference I would say is nothing to do with phys x on or off the titans....strange result to say the least. I am almost sure that the physX card is a bit of a hang over from the days of the 295 etc. These days your two titans are going to run physX much better than any older card you use and the performance hit from dropping lane speed though small isn't worth it I would think. the titans have the grunt and memory to run physX without breaking a sweat...

    Much better run the two titans and sell the other card on ebay...put the money towards another Titan

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    Hi Arne,

    Thanks for reply. Yes I know this lane speed may be a minor issue as well as any other fine-tuning tweak, if considrered individually. For example, I recently unblocked Pcie 3.0 (8Gb/s) interface speed with my SB-E i7 3930K cpu. May sound minor but it gave some noticable fps gain on high res screen and power-hungry game. I'm sure when coupled with other tweaks the result would only accumulate. Btw, I notice we have the same cpu and ram - may I ask you to share settings, I'm now at 4.5Ghz. Thank you.

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