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    Asus Z9PE-D8 WS and Nvidia N770 Compatability Woes - I'm BEGGING!! PLEASE READ!!

    I know there is on very long thread on this issue, but it is dated through Aug 2013, and suddenly stops. That thread does not lead to a clear resolution to the issues. Thus, I'm starting a new one.

    Previous post:

    It seems clear that there is a know issue with the compatibility and stability of many high end Nvidia cards on this mother board. It seems to affect nvidia 6xx and 7xx GTX models. It seems like there was no problem with 4xx models, which is also what I had on my system prior to my N770 purchase, which did work perfectly.

    Asus phone support does not give me any indication that there should be a problem with this series motherboard, and in fact, the N770 is clearly indicated on the compatibility list for the mobo. The issue i'm having is the exact same as the first post in the message I linked above, and I quote:

    Start quote:
    1. The card WILL NOT work in PCIe Slot 1 - period.
    2. The card WILL work one out of perhaps 3-4 times in PCIe Slot 3 (but no other slot). This is purely random.
    3. When the card fails to be detected I get a single beep, followed by three beeps at Q-Code 62, then another single beep and 8 short fast beeps.
    4. My GTX 480 works flawlessly in ANY PCIe slot.
    End quote

    I get Q-codes b2 and AE mostly. I have done everything that everyone else did in that thread, including:

    1. Trying latest BIOS from the N770 manufacturer (MSI)
    2. Asking for a "special" BIOS due to the apparent incompatibility issue from MSI
    3. Latest bios update on Z9PE (which yeilded in 100% failed POST, and a purchase of a new BIOS chip to downgrade back to original BIOS)

    The BEST I have achieved is to get the system to boot with the graphics card (slot 3) and my rocketraid card (slot 1). If I plug in ANYTHING other than just these items, the post fails, with a hang with Q-code AE.

    My system specs:

    Asus Z9PE-8D WS running BIOS 3302 (5206 was 100% post fail with Q-code b2)
    1x Xeon E5-2687W
    MSI N770 TF 2G/OC
    16G 2133 RAM
    RocketRAID 2722 with RAID10 (non-booting data storage)
    Marvel RAID with 2x Kingston HyperX 256G SSD RAID0 System boot
    Win7 Pro 64bit
    Asus DVD-R/W Drive (FAILS post Q-code b2 when connected)

    Best system state: (Boots about 50% of the time, 50% failes with Q-code AE)

    Mobo BIOS 3302
    RocketRAID card installed, but drives turned off (POST fails 100% Q-code AE when drives on, rocketraid BOOTROM correctly initialises the RAID array)
    DVD-R/RW drive disconnected

    I'm absolutely BEGGING ANYONE who has ANY experience with this problem to PLEASE post what it was you did to get it working??? The post I linked above really has no clear resolution path. Just pockets of things that "helped" but none that resolved.... I have done it all to no avail. I can boot, but what good is my system with no RAID array, and no DVD writer???

    Thanks in advance...


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    You have no chance. Asus will no acknowledge the problem or fix it.
    See here:

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    Have bumped this up to WS bios team.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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    I now have a beta BIOS update (5353) for GTX 700 series cards. Please PM me to send you. It will be publicly available in 3-4 weeks.

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