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    2013-12-01 It's the night before christmas

    *Disclaimer* So I'm not 100% Sober at this time but I felt I had to share this as For me ican't remember when last I felt this way. Or Wait! I can

    So as I am writing this it does really feel like it's the night before Christmas. This is indeed quite significant since I am 31 years old and haven't really felt that special "Christmas feeling" for many many years.

    Yet tonight I do...

    Why is that, you might wonder?

    Well tomorrow I will pickup my Rog Asus G750JH and I have to go back as far as being a kid to feel this way before picking up an item. Back then it was revoled around various nintendo 8-bit games. You know, that kind that didn't get any "achievement unlocks" for just beating a level, or getting a kill streak etc.

    If you know what I am talking about, then AWESOME. If not... Then you really have missed out on Something.

    It is quite funny, come to think of it. That I would be writing this words to what really is, a bunch of strangers. Yet at the same time. This sort of feels like home. Like a big community of people that "just gets it". You guys get why I am spending a small fortune on a "laptop".

    Hell my friends thinks I am crazy for buying this laptop.

    Yet I wouldn't have it any other way. If it is one thing I have learnt. It's that when you buy a laptop. Any you have "Above Surfing the web and watching movies" demands on it. You better pickup the best Screen and CPU as you possibly can. Since replacing those are quite hard when compared to upgrading stuff like RAM or Diskspace.

    Thats why I just couldn't resist the G750JH model. Despite the reports of the Throttling issue with the Fans going on. My last laptop. A Dell XPS M1710 lasted 7 years for me. I could even play Elder Scrolls Oblivion on it at Max Res. So when it finally gave up due to some burnt graphical circuits this week I just "knew" that buying one of those cheap ass low performing laptops wasn't an option at all.

    It basically felt like I would be throwing away money, yet my friends think I am throwing away money right now. I guess we value completely different things when it comes to laptops. And I "love them for it". Then don't "get it" as you who are reading this "Gets it".

    I could go "on and on" in this thread but if you eVER get the special christmas "feel". Like the "day before christmas" when you are waiting for your ROG orders to arrive. Please share your "Christmas Feeling" story here as I would love to hear from you. To me it's Quite Special since I thought, feeling like tihs was Lost for ever!

    PS. Please forgiv any spelling mistakes I have made. I am not completely sober at this time but wanted to share my "day before I pickup an EPIC Gaming Laptop" with you Guys. It's not about the B00ze but rather about that very special Christmas Feeling that Society (at least in Sweden) is so Keen on stealing from us.

    Hey, speaking of Keen. Does anyone have a copy of Commander Keen Laying around? Now that is some serious ROG memories right there

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    Tobbe .. Enjoy you 'present' .. 'Santa' have been very very good to you this year. Best of Luck. Don't be a Stranger.
    Be a ROG.c.

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    Hi Tobbe, I got a M1710, in 2008 ! The Geforce 7950 Go GTX died but I was able to change it for a Geforce 7900 Go GTX found on Ebay (for 80 EUR), and now it's like new.

    Got a G750JH, too...

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