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    Quote Originally Posted by abcdeluxe View Post

    thanks for the info,
    at the moment I don't even know, if mine is working properly, because as long, as my computer isn't annoying me with noise, I don't even start Ai Suite
    I will report though, if this issue returns. This is probably the like fifth clean install, after I started this thread
    I released that I still have a problem. I turns out that it only reacts to the CPU temperature regardless of what sensors you pick so guess this problem isn’t resolved…

    The fact that you reinstalled windows and it didn’t help tell us that my FIX didn’t work very well.

    The only think I can think of is if the installation EVGA Precision X or Nvidia drivers cause this. It worked fine with my RHD6970 but not with my “new” EVGA GTX 780 Classify.
    Maybe giving the installation program admin rights during install helps as well.
    I don’t think I will investigate the further at the moment.
    I guess speedfan can solve this but I kind of like Thermal Radar…

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