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    HardOCP:4 Weeks with Radeon R9 290X CrossFire

    Hi All the following is not a test it is just personal thoughts and opinions


    The HardForum video card forums have abounded with discussions, debates, arguments, and all out flame wars about the Radeon R9 video cards. While much of that is run of the mill for video card enthusiasts postings on forums, I have to think that the "talk" about the R9 290X cards has been a bit more than we are used to surrounding "normal" GPU launches. Certainly one thing that did not help the situation was NVIDIA "launching" its GTX 780 Ti, in what seemed to me to be more of a desperate anti-R9 290X presentation complete with a large amount of FUD-a la mode. NVIDIA made sure to show the 290X performance in its "Quiet Mode" profile while explaining it to be a "jet engine" among other things in its "Uber Mode." NVIDIA knows something about loud video cards. We remember the FX 5800 clocking in at over 56dB a bit over 10 years ago, and the GTX 480 was even 1dB louder than that just three short years ago. I reference both these cards, not to be hostile towards NVIDIA, but rather because many enthusiasts have used these as points of reference. Quite frankly Brent and I had a lot of experience with both those GPUs so it is something we can chime in on. I personally used both those NVIDIA video cards for rather long periods of time in my personal systems for gaming and I used the GTX 480 in SLI for a good deal of time as well.

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