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    Assassins Creed 4 sudden decrease in performance

    I got Assassins Creed 4 the day of release. For a week or so(until the beta driver was released) I was able to play on max settings, but only using FXAA or my frames would drop from 60fps to 30fps. I hung in there, and the beta fixed it. I started playing today and everything was going according to planned, fps were staying at 60, as usual. I started the final naval contract and right as I completed it, my fps dropped. They jumped around from 25-55 fps, but never hit 60fps. I played around with settings, monitored temps, and even reinstalled my video driver. When I noticed performance issues, i opened fraps and was prompted with a Directx 9 error followed by a couple driver failures(that did not recover). So I also updated Directx. The directx error has not happened since, but my performance is still crap. It has jumped up to 60 here and there, but seems to like 30. It almost appears as it is being limited to 30fps, but it will jump above that as high as 60 from time to time. I did notice that my temps were getting into the low 60s with fans on auto, so I kicked them into manual mode @ 70%, but it did not help my problem. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed poor optimization in this section of the game. Or does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I have checked everything(I think). Before I was playing on max settings using TXAA 4x, enhanced with SLI 64x in NCP. I have tried setting all NCP options to default and even running FXAA, but nothing seems to improve the performance.
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