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    New to Rampage and OCing

    Finally saved up the money to purchase a gaming rig and looking forward to it. I'm new to CPU OCing and did some looking around and read the posts by V2-V3 on OCing. I understand somewhat of how OCing works with the i7 chips. My rig is currently on it's way and wanted to be ready to OC it when it gets here. If I can get assistance with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Below are the rigs specifications.

    CPU: i7 930
    Mobo: Rampage III Extreme
    Memory: Corsair Dominator GT 1600
    GPU: XFX HD 5850 Crossfire Config
    PSU: Silverstone 1000w
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H50
    SSD: OCZ 240GB Vertex 2
    Case: ATCS 840

    Would it be easier for a first timer to OC via ROG Connect or through BIOS, and what are the best steps to take to achieve the best results?

    Thanks for any guidance.

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    we are working on a bios dictionary to help define what each function does. from there we will start to publish guides for entry level overclockers to extreme

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    Sounds good. I've come to learn a bit via V2-V3s guide on what to keep things at or under or over. If you need pictures/illustrations, let me know.

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