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Thread: ROG Ramdisk

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    Hi there

    I have created a ramdisk and all temp/tmp files are stored there.
    I always thought after a reboot all those files would be deleted (because they are stored in the ram)
    When the system reboots all files are still there.
    Is there an option (cant find any) do disable file storage ?
    pic from my settings:

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    I have the same problem. I see the same thing you do. I need to find a settings page to change things.

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    You were asking what to put in it. Make sure it's program that isn't as internet based. If it were me, I would put any non online portions like campaigns(which in COD in downloaded seperate), games like Skyrim, or Kerbal Space Program, etc.

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    Hum .... wonder how Fire Strike would work if I could load it to my ram drive.


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    P.s. sorry if this is a thread hijack, just want to add my thoughts on ROG ramdisk

    I would love to have multiple game disks set up, then load the one I want, when I want it, then have it unload as soon as I stop wanting it.
    (Eject on ramdrive to stop), ideally loading the ramdisk from the SSD when using a specially prepared shortcut that starts the game as soon as the ramdisk is ready (or even better, loads the files transparently through the ramdisk into memory when specific files are accessed, up to the configured max, keeping ram usage lower).

    Multiple ram drives is a nice option, but gamers/tweakers really would like more options, dimmdrive looks perfect for my personal intended use of ramdrives, but I was not looking to spend another $37 right after purchasing a new rig.

    Perhaps ASUS could switch over to dimmdrive as the partner behind the Asus ROG ramdisk? :-P It seems to be way more geared to Gamers.

    Ramdisk speed to load games is awesome!!! And would still be awesome if you would not force auto-start ALL of them.

    My recommendations to ASUS:
    1. Per drive option to toggle auto load with windows and a button to load & unload ramdrives, instead of deleting and recreating.
    2. junction should load and save only the files that are actually being used on the ramdisk, not needing to load unused files (first level load SSD speed, second load ramdisk speed) you could even add an auto load when the SSD idle with little extra overhead.

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    Yeah... I'm not sure about this.

    I wanted to create a large RAMDISK (I have 64GB total), and set junction points to all my games, so that the one I'm playing would run off the RAMDISK, and the others would only be in RAM if I were playing on of them them instead.

    For example...

    If I want to add a junction point for WoW, that's 28GB

    If I want to add one for BF4 , that's 50GB

    that's 78GB there already... I only have 64GB... it wants to load the whole thing as soon as I start the PC, not when I start the application. I know that in a way, that's kind of the point - load it all into RAM when the system starts, and it's super-fast, on demand. It's not really practical though, when the max memory capacity you can have is 64GB and some games are going north of 50GB. Also, most people have more than one game that they actually play frequently.

    It'd be a lot better if I could set a juction point for a game, and the RAMDISK loads up only when I start the game, then free up the RAMDISK when I close it. it'll still make the game a LOT faster, and you could set multiple junction points on a single RAMDISK, and only have the game you're actually playing at the time running on it.

    Not much point in having super-fast load times if you spend a lot more time remapping your JP's.

    Also, As previously said, I'm currently running 64GB of RAM in my system to have a play with this RAMDISK, but I can only create one that's 49GB in size. That's not big enough for some gmes. I'm using less than 4GB for what the system needs, so I have 10GB there, that's just empty. It'd be nice if I could make a larger RAMDISK, especially as there is an option to dynamically reallocate RAM to the system as it needs it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myk SilentShadow View Post
    Yeah, Junction do that with all RAM Disk software
    That is easier for me to digest...
    A couple questions:
    1) How many ROG RamDisks and what determines this generally? How may are allowable? I was under the impression, as many as needed...? and
    2) How large for each disk (or just a single disk), used for a couple larger games, Witcher 3 and Rocksmith 2014? I have 32GB installed (Corsair 2400, not OC'd, with 28.5GB available). And of course any suggestions you may have as well.,

    Oh, one final question (off topic and incorrect thread but I'm asking before I forget, sorry in advance). For the Max VII Hero Intel board with 4790K, and SLI reference 970's, which m.2 SSD will work as intended in the slot provided on board? I thought the list was very short. I will also include my system specs after this post
    Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help.

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    ROG RAMDisk can be installed and configured differently for each Windows User, allowing you to set up your WoW and BF4 (or whatever) junction profiles differently - and, incidentally, configure your control bindings and GPU drivers and audio/chat software and packet management and firewall/etc differently - to optimize RAMDisk (and system-wide) settings for each game. Win7/8/10 needs "only" 8GB of RAM, 64GB total RAM should easily accommodate a 50GB game on RAMDisk.

    ROG RAMDisk is dynamic, it will resize itself down whenever RAM allocated to it is not in use but the OS requires more RAM resources.

    The executable files for your games are already running in memory, no need to keep other (unused) copies of them locked away in other memory. No need to copy install files and barely-used junkfiles into memory, either. If the entire game won't fit into maximum available RAMDisk then try to be selective and fill the RAMDisk with the most frequently-used files (especially graphical and audio data) so they can be moved to CPU/GPU via RAM speeds instead of (slower) drive speeds. It's generally okay to "wait" a few seconds for a level map to load, so long as the game always has "instant" access to bullets and missiles and things so "realtime" gameplay isn't interrupted by drive slowdowns.
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