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    Bit of help for a nublet?

    Yeah, so Hi boys and girls.

    So here's the deal. I got this sweet ass g74, and i also decide to give it some more juice by adding an ssd HDD and 8 g of ram.
    And i get home, and try this sweet baby out and now i notice that some parts of the FN functions are not working. Like muting or changing the level of sound pumping out, or the keyboard lighting.

    So. I've browsed through the forums somewhat, and for someone who thinks he understands atleast a bit and has a little knowhow I was still going "what the hell are these people talking about and how am i supposed to do it".

    Imagine I'm a five year old kid and I need some explaining on whats wrong and how to fix it?

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    well.. uhm. update. I was sleeping tight through the night and let my baby install some of the games and updates by itself. When I wake up the keyboard lighting is on i cant dim it. the sound speed buttons are still offline.

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    Arhanka, First go to control panel - programs.. - ATK Package - right click and repair. Please let us know if that fixes it.
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    Well I'm using a swedish windows, but I cant find anything remotely close to being named ATK package in the programs menu.

    Perhaps a screen dump to show me the way?

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    If you do not have a similar entry , then you need to DL and install it-
    In main search box - G74 - choose G74 if found - select OS - expand ATK - click global link
    Once you have the package downloaded- run it - that should fix the issue.

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    So.. Josea. I went out during the installation process and bought this ring... WIll you marry me?

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    first off, I was in the wrong area.
    Second off, I didnt have that program.
    Thank you, be back in short.

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    HA HA I am single and available! LOL But I am probably too old for you! Anyway glad to help.
    I hear you about the touchpad, I use an external mouse 90% of the time on my G73. When I open control panel- mouse- I have a setting to auto disable the touchpad when USB external mouse is connected. I am not sure if you model has this setting but it may be worth checking out.

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    Old means experienced :P

    Now I hope the shut off the touchpad button will work after the reboot. Stupid thing... my wrist bumps into it al the time.

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    hahahaa...except..J is 6'4"..280lb.s with a beard.....hahaha..(kidding, i dont know J)

    best of luck. Welcome.c.

    edit:::I was wrong...hahahhaaa

    Too Old??? Hey now girl, Wine can only be too young.c.

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