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    Unhappy Green Power Light on Graphics Card

    This is a recent thing with Asus graphics cards and it's really bothersome.
    My whole theme is red/black and that single green light frustrates me.
    Is there any way to turn it off? I own a GTX650TiB.

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    Sell the card get one without any lights. Lol, or put some black tape over it. There is no way to turn it off. The other alternative is to use a PC case with a solid instead of windowed side-panel.
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    the green light is there to show that every thing is AOK.
    a couple of years back i had problem whit my pc, and one card had green and the other had orange/yello light on it.
    so it could be low on power or enny problem whit it.
    so its a god thing they are there if you ask me.
    you can use black non conductive tape to mask the lights if so.
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