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    Crosshair V Formula WOL problem


    Do you have problems with WOL?

    I configured router, MB and after turning PC off and sending magic packet it works but when pc is off more then 5-10minutes it don't work

    I also contacted asus tech support and they are working on it but do anyone of you have idea where can be problem?

    Many thanks for any advice

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    I have got no problem on WOL function with my CVF (0404 BIOS ver).

    may be you are using some intelligent extension power socket, which will turn the power off when you shut your computer down?

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    No intelligent extension power socket, just standard surge protector with 6 sockets

    I have also printer in it

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    Have you looked to see if there is still a standby light on the board indicating it has power? I don't remember off the top of my head if the CHVF has one but that would confirm or disprove a power issue.
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    I registered to hopefully save you from all the trouble that I went through setting up WOL.

    A few questions:

    Are you by chance using a Linksys router with stock firmware?

    Are you trying to do it on your local network or over the internet?

    Have you assigned your computer a static IP both on the client and Router (DHCP)?

    If you are using a Linksys router ( just making a shot in the dark here) and trying to do WOL over the internet with stock firmware, it won't work (from what I can tell). Cisco doesn't like for you to forward broadcast, especially on the home user level. You would need something like dd-wrt (has great WOL support) to accomplish this.

    From the sound of things, your router is clearing its ARP table and not keeping a record of the assigned IP address (which is why it works for a short period). If you were to make a static entry in your DHCP table for the computer that you wanted wake I believe that would alleviate the problem (locally).

    You can set up your WOL program to broadcast locally, but it would require a subnet other than /24 (something like I'm assuming Linksys here again.

    This is my understanding of it and from the sound of it you're facing the same problem I was. It is most likely a router issue. I hope this helps and I would be more than happy to try and help further.

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