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    ASUS ME172V - Does not contain MyNet software as advertised.

    Good morning all. Hope everyone had a great Yule/Christmas. I want to bring an issue to everyone's attention. As an owner of a few ASUS products, we decided to buy the kids a total of 3 ASUS ME172V Tablets for Christmas. Upon trying to setup these devices on the home network, I noticed there was no software for sharing the multimedia. I referenced the manuals, spec sheet and ASUS's own website. Turns out all 3 devices were not loaded with the MyNet software that ASUS advertises that controls multimedia sharing. So I did the obvious and called and spoke to a total of 2 tech's at ASUS. Although I am a big fan of ASUS products, I was not impressed with the service I received. After they tried to pawn me off to getting in contact with Google Play (who does not manage this software, nor host it), I explained that this software is sole proprietor to ASUS, and is not available anywhere; but rather comes pre-loaded on the device by ASUS. After this we ran through all the lame basic troubleshooting techniques (i.e asking me if the device was on, to asking if I checked through all the apps for it). They even asked me to do a factory reset. Even though I explained that if the software wasn't loaded on the device, it won't suddenly appear with a reset. Despite this, I did as they asked. Low and behold, I was right.

    During the conversation we came to the conclusion that not even the tech's knew where to find a copy of this software. Then I asked the tech if I wanted, would ASUS do a refund. They told me that they would not. Of course I then said "So let me get this straight, ASUS advertises these devices coming with the MyNet software for multimedia sharing, yet they don't actually come with the software as advertised from point of distribution. So, despite the clear false advertising; whether it is the fault of a contractor hired by ASUS to load the software, or ASUS themselves; you're telling me that ASUS would still refuse refunding the product?" He answered "That is correct Sir".
    I promised the tech that once I got off the phone that I would be writing a review of this product online, just so others are aware. He was very polite and did everything he was able to; but with that the issue is not resolved because of a mix of ASUS policies and false advertising. As a solution I applied the Moliplayer app for all networking that seems to have better reviews then the MyNet software, plus is compatible with more formats of video's and pictures; whereas MyNet is only compatible with MPEG4 movies. I have linked this post to the ME172V's spec sheet, so that you can see that under Software; this device is advertised as coming with that missing MyNet software. It's a great tablet for the price, just be aware of this issue.

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