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    Quote Originally Posted by suggy1005 View Post
    ok i would change my settings as im sat next my pc now and every time i get into bios it freezes before i can apply all the changes i need to :/ i wish this mobo wasnt such a hassle its sooo good looking. is there any way to make it more stable ive completely reset the bios all lights on the mobo are green i have the cpu fan running of off another connector on the mobo as the cpu one doesnt spin up enough to keep the chip cool what am i missing here will asus support be able to help me more if i call them?
    Yes I noticed that too. What I found is when it does that power down and kill the psu until all lights on the MB go out (dont reset bios) power the PSU back up wait for lights then turn system on. I learned this trick from my former M3A32Deluxe board it was notorious for this.
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    Isn't suggy1005 the original OP and the one with the problem?
    yes she/he is the orginal but not onlyone with the problem on POST.
    and this
    my 1.50v 1866 G.Skill set needs 1.5250v to run stable.
    made me think to who is it. Suggy has Corsair and i G.Skill.

    Anyways 1 day behaind with DDR1600 1.25v cpu/nb and 1.5250v on Dram, lets see how it go's.
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