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    quiet asus model

    I am looking for an ASUS model functioning without noise. One of the cheapest. I have now an asus eee pc, and this is almost noiseless. But I have read that asus vivobook s200 is not. So is there any noiseless asus out there?
    Thanks in advance!


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    Not sure if you are looking for a 'notebook' style unit with a physical keyboard or more performance than an Eee PC, but anything that performs more than your Eee PC or has a better cpu (like a real 'notebook'), will likely be generating more heat and noise, so you may need to choose between performance and noise.

    If you aren't as worried about performance (or onboard storage?), you may want to look at the ASUS T100TA if you haven't already which is a Win8.1 tablet with a docking station, so you can use it somewhat like a notebook, but I wouldn't consider it equal to a notebook, so you will want to make sure it meets your needs and physically check the unit if possible.
    At least you should find it's very quiet.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

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    x52 is pretty quiet and it runs some games as well

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    The problem with ultra thin computers that don't run Atom processors is that they are almost always noisy due to the lack of space for a good cooling system. The Surface Pro (v1 or v2) is pretty quiet, even under load, though it does get warm. Actually, it may just be me, but I wouldn't consider the ASUS G-series notebooks to be at all noisy, maybe under the highest load, but otherwise it's just a gentle hum, and they are fast!
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