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    Gaming Build advice 2014

    I am about to make my first new gaming pc this year and I wonder if you can help me a bit with the hardware... I am between some products in every category so there i need your help. Things i need: Motherboard, CPU, Graphics card, memory, power supply.
    The only thing i am sure is the graphics card, an Asus gtx 770 DC2OC 2gb.
    For motherboard i am sure and asus fun and maybe a rampage iv formula retail or?
    Memory i really dont know..Thinking of 16gb..
    CPU i checked in the i7 lga2011 4820k one at 3.7ghz what do you think?
    Power supply.. hmm.. really like the corsair one... 850w or? maybe more?
    All these i dont want to cost more than 1300 euro so be near this price if you have any more idea Thanks!

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