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    ASUS G74SX CI7 & Vertex 3 problem

    Hello, so I went and bought Asus G74SX. For the first time in my life, I finally own a laptop.
    Since my desktop run on Vertex 2 and still running, I decided to get Vertex 3 for my portable workstation. Once I got hands-on hardware I quickly swapped second 500gb hdd for 120 vertex 3 and booted up windows from first hard drive.

    Immediately I got a problem where windows could not format SSD, though I ended up being able to "USE IT" while using first hard drive.

    Asus is a heavy packer when it comes down to all kind of software, first thing I wished to do was clean that up. So I booted Windows 7 home premium x64 DVD and deleted all partitions with intention of doing clean install.

    Here where funny **** began to happen.
    No matter what I did, Windows installer could not format or install windows on either SSD or 500gb drive.
    I've tried changing different options in bios, even loading chipset drivers. But ultimately it came down to using a different windows version/DVD. I was finally able to install Windows on 500gb HDD.

    Whats up with SSD disk? Still same, OCZTOols cant update its firmware, when ever I am lucky enough and OCZTools detect Vertex presence. Windows cannot format it.
    It just there, dead weight...

    I read up on OCZ forums that many people have problem with Vertex 3 series, wish I did it before I purchased it. But done is done and I I want SSD to function.
    Some suggested that connecting SSD to sata 6 port helped solve their problems.

    I am kinda on my wits end. The last solution I have is to try swaping SSD into first hard drive slot, mayhap it will work than. Otherwise I can only think of returning SSD (dead on arrival) and asking for a new one.
    But I wish to be certain that new one will work with G74SX.

    I appreciate all comments and suggestions.

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    I had a Vertex 3 240GB in my first G74sx and after about six hours it crashed and the SSD became unreadable. Might have been the known BSOD/SSD problem, I don't know.

    Either way, I have a replacement SSD and machine since yesterday and though I had to fix the partition alignment (just cloning a system onto it ended up with a misaligned partition) it's running ok so far. Haven't tried doing anything with firmware yet, though I'll have to look into that.

    Sorry if that isn't very helpful. Returning the SSD once you've tried everything safe you can think of sounds like the best option to me.

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    With the Vertex 3 (6Gb/s) your laptop is not SATA III supported, so it will not use all its power.
    And about the SSD, swap it with an intel or corsair and get the SATA II SSD. (ie. OCZ Vertex 2, Corsair Force, Intel 320 series)

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    The G74 does not support SATA 3? Are you sure? All Sandy Bridge chipsets support SATA III, I think

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    AS SSD shows me a sequential read of about 490MB/s which I don't think is possible under SATA-II.

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    The HM65 Express does support 6gbs sata.

    Also, I figured out what I did wrong.

    As you can see on the image, my G74SX have 2 hard disk slots. One of the slots have a tinny wire for sata connection.

    Connecting Vertex 3 caused all kind of instabilities. Swapping vertex 3 to the first slot solved my problem and now everything runs like a dream

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    Still issues

    I put in my SSD into the slot suggested. I'm still getting a crash every second day (blue screen of death). Where should I start diagnose the problem?

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    First, disable restart on BSOD:

    That way you can see what the error is. Next look in the Windows Event Viewer to see if there is a useful error message:
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