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    Mini ITX Gaming RIG - Water Cooled - Steam Machine Rival

    Hey fellow rog's, been working on a MINI ITX gaming rig over the past few months, I tried to get a good balance of as much power possible, in as small of a space as possible, but not compromising on what is a quiet and cool operating pc, and this is what I have come up with.

    See Pic

    SSD'S are stored along side the graphics card, PSU gets placed at the top of the case, venting hot air out, and blu ray ROM with some blue tack rests on top of the cpu cooler radiator, all and all one compact system


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    Corsair H80i - Corsair SP120 High Performance
    Silverstone SG06BB
    Silverstone SST-ST45SF 450W Power Supply
    Samsung SN-506BB Slim Internal Blu-ray & DVD Writer

    I've hope my PC is of interest to fellow Mini ITX enthusiasts, and while I have been looking at the forums, links to fellow mini itx rigs would be sweet! would also be happy to answer any questions regarding my build or to take further photos

    First post, thanks for reading
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos Mini ITX.jpg  

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    Very clean on the inside. Well done. You should upgrade the case to the Corsair Obsidian 250D though. Best-looking ITX cube case ever, with lots of nice features.

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    I love the mini itx looks really great man, I agree with Antronman that 250d is awesome looking.
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    This looks great. Maybe do some mods for the outside of the case?
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    Very sweet machine. I would love to see more pics. Fellow Mini ITX enthusiast here. Your build looks similar to mine (same case, and mobo I mean). I had an issue with the cables to my front USB ports, they pressing up against my radiator, did you notice that or have you had any trouble here? Here's a link to my build in case you wanna check it out...
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