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    Boot to USB for OC tests to save restoring RAID?


    I've got my system running pretty well, thanks to everyone here!

    What I'm wondering is does anyone do initial boot testing of overclocked configs using a USB boot dongle? I'd like to try this so I don't goof up my 3 RAID arrays. Some of my OC testing would crash the C:\ (RAID 1 SSD Samsung 840 Pro) and the only recovery would be an image restore...which itself requires a reboot to a flash drive. Particularly, when I get a stable CPU...say 4.2 @ 1200mv, my Muskin 2400 memory will run at the slower, non-XMP speed. So, as I try to tweak the memory timings, to get it closer to 2400 than 1600...maybe 2133, etc. then I get boot problems and corruption.

    So, I could boot to the flash drive first...but there's no utility for generally testing windows, AFAIK. I could get an XP boot image with some FFT or performance test on it. It's not my Windows 8.1 system, but it could work. There may also be a utility I can include on the Win8.1 recovery USB dongle that may give me a modicum of sanity check, before a real boot.

    For what it's worth, I AM using my M6F's CrossChill on my loop! (Some worry about the anodized aluminum, but my Mayhems X1coolant is supposed to work with all metals, and I trust the ROG engineers!) The VRM and CPU are very cool and it doesn't seem to care if I push the pumps at full-speed or as low as 30% of the flow. I can do large FFTs all day at 55-58 deg C, with stock clocks and 2400 MHz RAM, with about 25 deg C ambient, and 28-30 deg C idle CPU temps. I'm going to not try to max out the performance...but by the same token, I don't want to leave a few hundred MHz off the table, if it's easy and safe to do.

    If anyone has a URL with a good image to boot, or a way to get the Win8.1 recovery disk to run some stress tests, please let me know!


    MB: Maximus VIII Hero
    CPU:Intel i7-6700K OC @ 4.7 GHz
    Mem: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3600 MHz
    Vid: EVGA GTX980 Ti SC@ 1530MHz
    SSD:RAID1&0 Samsung 256G 840 Pro

    HDD: RAID1 6TB Ultrastar 7K6000
    PSU: Corsair AX1200i
    Case:Corsair 600T, mod for roof rad

    Custom Loop:
    Block:EK Supremacy Clean CSQ, Copper
    Rads:AlphaCool ST30 360 & 120
    Fans: 4 X Enermax CLUSTER Advance, Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm, KingWin DB122
    Pumps:2 X MCP 35x in series
    Tubing:Tygon 2475 1/2" ID X 3/4" OD

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