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    Actually, your tip in post #5 about the touchpad delay appears to only work in Win8.1 and not Win8, so sounds like you may have upgraded the original factory Win8 installation to Win8.1?

    There aren't many Win8.1 drivers posted for the G75VX yet, but go to the ASUS download site to try them if you haven't already and check for any Win8.1 updates for your other hardware or software installed.

    You might want to check with more Win8.1 users first though to see if anybody has better suggestions, but consider erasing everything and going back to Win8 to compare.
    If you go back to Win8, try testing some 'offline' games before you update anything or even access the internet to confirm this works at least. Also check the ASUS download site for the latest Win8 drivers for your model.

    Wouldn't think this is hardware related, but if you still see the same issues with the ASUS Win8 factory image (and latest ASUS drivers?) and have time to exchange or replace your unit with your store, you might even want to compare with another one just to be sure.

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