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    AMD 7970 cfx screen flashes to black and back again randomly

    Ok, guys, i have a problem....
    i have my dual 7970 for about 2 years now and had no problem till the recent months.
    So here is the deal, at random times my screen flashes to black and then back to normal again but everything works fine,
    i mean sound plays and all, i can move mouse and all its just the screen, and no its not the monitor neither the hdmi cable,
    cause i have checked that.
    I have 3 os on my pc: 7 ultimate 64/ 8 enterpraise 64/ vista home prem 32
    now i have checked only 2 of them ( 7 and 8) and it occurs on both OS'. I have latest drivers installed on 7 and a bit older on 8
    and it occurs on both os' , and when i take out the drivers the problem magically stops for a day only to reoccur again after a
    while even without the amd software (the drivers).
    Ofc now i am running the latest amd drivers and the problem mainly occurs when i am in desktop and running either some unrelated to gaming programms or using bittorrent or even with no programm at all ( just desktop).
    While i game i think it happened only 3 times inside a game but it has happened countless times outside them, even on a spree
    (i mean one after the other e.g. i run League of legends and while i am at champion select screen flashes to black about 10-11 times one after the other). Also i have noticed that on win 8 it happens way more often than on win 7. Also while at that i had some others problems which i fixed 1st i had to change cfx bridge cause with the previous one the crossfire suddenly got disabled O.o 2nd while i was playing graphically intensive games (e.g tomb raider, dmc and others) the system froze after an hour or something of gaming and it happened many times though i fixed it by pumping my fans at 80% when i play games like those and the results where these: i had my system running for 12 hours and doing stuff, playing games and then i put the fan on 80% and run tomb raider and got to play 5 hours straight with no problem while if i had not done that after about an hour the fps would drop drastically the sound would have got distorted (this is happening if i dont increase the fan speed to about 80%) and the system would freeze/bsod ( so maybe the gpu was overheating but the fans werent doing their job on automatic.... but now its ok- i got 67 celsius after 5 hours tomb raider and after some mins it got to 37-38 celsius with fans at 80$ and after like 10-13 mins it goes down to 30-33 celsius )
    Ok now back to the problem at hand, randomly my screen goes black for about 1 to 3 secs and then goes back to normal again and it can even happen on a spree like 11-12 screen flashes one after the other (its like when u install the amd drivers and ur screen goes black and then back to normal again for quite many times till the installation is finished.... ok its not exactly like that but it's similar).
    And lastly there is something else that happened, yesterday while i had my system running about 10 hours and played some games watched some youtube videos and stuff, while i was watching a video the screen flashes like usually once then after some time it flashes again and i get welcomed with a BSOD that said something about a atikmpag.sys and when i reboot i see video hardware error and system shutdown unexpectedly messages....)
    Well i hope it is not the hardware's problem (GPUs) cause i cant afford new cards and i really dont want my gpus to be faulty...
    :\ i hope it is a software error or something that can be fixed.
    Now i posted here so maybe i can get some help about fixing the problem and i would really like to know if other poeple have the same problem and if they managed to fix it (i have searched forums and i have seen similar instances but they had no solution except rma ;_; ) Well i really want ur help and pls read carefully my post cause i think i have mentioned everything that i know of and i really "crave" for a fix to this problem ( maybe if i flash the bios ? ..... i dunno, pls help me).
    I really, really want to fix this (and i think its not a gpu/hardware problem - look my post and u'll see things that just aint fit with it being a gpu/hardware malfunction/faultiness)

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    Does any of this happen when you use only one card at a time i.e. no Xfire? are you OCing the cards at all?

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