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    Question x58 Rampage III (Gene) / Xeon i7 (x5670) compatibilty?


    I've read different information about Xeon compatibility with Rampage 3 series and i'm a bit confused now. Could someone tell me if it's possible to put a Xeon 5670 on a rampage III gene motherboard ? (even unofficial support)

    Thank you.

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    cpu is FCLGA 1366 but its not on a list , I sugest you to call on asus support or mail them directly
    what I manage to found
    "Any FCLGA1366 Xeon will work on any LGA1366 motherboard, even if it isn't supported, it will still run fine. Worse comes to worse the motherboard doesn't recognise it, but will still run fine. If you use both of them, then you'll be required to get a server motherboard anyway "

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    Thank you very much Noein, it sound's ok. i'll try with asus support by mail. I'll post their answer as soon as i get it.

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