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    Need some help w my G750JX extra SSD


    So i've got an original 750HDD w my G750JX, i purchased an SSD and install Win 8 OEM on it from an USB stick. In order for the G750 to recognize the ssd n usb, i have to remove the hdd and then disable secure boot from BIOS.

    Now there's 2 things bugging me.

    1. I have to disable Secure Boot option in bios for good, otherwise it will boot directly to the HDD w the Windows Boot Manager. I didn't want to format the HDD just yet.

    2. The Asus ROG boot screen is gone, now the appearance order on screen when i turn on my gear is: Asus ROG for 0.5s, blank for 2s, then window 8 logo ....

    Any help?

    Also, myglossy screen got problem so i changed back to the matte one and found this. whenever i use chrome and unplugged, the color is fine on top of the page, if i scroll down for like, 3~5 lines, the color start to change to yellow-ish, if i scroll back up, it reverse. if i plug in, color wont change...

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you so much in advance.

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