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    Asus g750jh or custom origin eon15 or 17

    ok so i am looking for a desktop replacement and i was wondering which would be good to get? i want a laptop that can play any game i throw at it at max settings no problem and at the same time i want it to be reliable i dont want it to crap out on me after 2-3 years either i like origin because i can customize it to the way i want price is not an option. The only thing that concerns me is that i do not know which of the two laptops stay cooler? i heard that the asus stays amazingly quiet and cool but i cant find anything on the origin eon17. i do like the asus but im not sure if the keyboard is too comfortable for long hours of gaming it reminds me of a macbook and i heard all you can customize is the hard drives and ram. like i said price is not an option i just want to know which would be the better choice to play games such as guild wars 2, battlefield 4, counter strike go, day z, and other high powered games at max no problem. if anybody can shed some light on the both of these laptops i would appreciate it and no im not looking for a desktop so please do not tell me to just buy one of those i am someone who still does lan parties. also looking at 15in origin model but not sure if the screen size is good for bf4 and other highly detailed games.

    m not looking to really use a cooling pad every time i play games nor am i looking to burn my lap if i keep it there without one so far asus sounds like the quiet and cooler (cool as in colder) laptop but im not sure about performance as in origin lets me customize to outstanding performance but i am not sure about noise and cooling.

    was also looking at the newer alienware models but i am not experienced with alienware and have heard many bad things about them

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