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    G73Jh Not Powering Up

    My Asus G73Jh won't power up any more. Before it reached this point there was a message "You may need to replace your battery" so I bought a new battery online, but that did not fix the problem. It still won't power up. It's under 3 years old but out of warranty. Both the battery and power supply have been replaced a few times. Neither was very old.

    One more thing which may or may not be related. Not long ago (bout a month) it was having some issue when the screen woulg go dark for 5-10 secs. Then it would come back and go dark and come back and go dark. It would do this for a minute or two and then fix itself and act normally. This happened about once a day only, so I kind of got used to it.

    Any suggestions? I could try buying a new power supply next. I am not a handy type that could go inside and fix things myself, nor am I knowledgeable about hardware.

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