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    This is what I get with my trident X 2400
    Is that the XMP?

    The latency is good, and often to the expense of some transfer rate (voltage can help to boost things up), if its custom OC settings
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    That was from a while ago. I haven't had time to tweak much yet this year as I only have time to play around in the summer I'm sure I start getting back into the game of benching and pushing the now outdated system again. I plan on upgrading the video cards in the next few weeks to 4 GB 680s or a 780ti. Its a hard desicion since I don't know the system requirements of inquisition yet. (For max settings)
    I don't currently have the system set up for over clocking. I'll have to start over to refresh my mind of how far I was able to push it last year and if I remember correctly the memory didn't do to well past its stock settings. I think I was able to push it to 2450 MHz.
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    Playing with the Kingston KVR 1333mhz sticks..

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    today i bought really fast mem (awaiting delivery) for the gene VII and the i7, going to retire this Gryphon Z87/iFive now..

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    i started playing with the Predators, and got stuck for an hour

    Seem like my IMC start to say no at just above 3200mhz, i dunno if that is good or bad.. not my kind of overclocking

    But i did however submitted this in the Team cup at hwbot, i dont know here it went, but i guess we got some points for it.. ()&/

    Kingston HyperX Predator 2133mhz/ OC 3160mhz

    Where did it go, where did it go??

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    I can do 3200mhz with this cpu, but that is not enough

    Come on guys, fire up your hynix, rank 7 can be better

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    i was running the IGPU, does that "steal" OC range from the mem?

    Now when i came to think of it

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