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    Chip and gpu's under water. Using the EK monoblock on the Apex mobo. Should get colder here very soon. Put rig next to open window in a sealed off bedroom. Whole rig comes down to ambient temp, close to 0' C.

    I can get cores to low single digits and gpu's to 1 - 3' C for start of runs. At least this way there is very little chance of condensation as all components are cooled to same temps.I put a fan on the cpu vrm area to help alleviate any condensation worries.

    Delid on the 7980XE brought me down 10 - 15' depending upon what I am doing.( My first delid, went really easy with Rockit99 tool, cleaning up the die was stressful somewhat, lol. LM on the die and IHS ) Really helped with cpu package temps as well. They seem to be the one to watch on this platform. They want to jump quickly if left alone.
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