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  • It is great I use it all the time

    4 22.22%
  • It is cool I use it sometimes

    7 38.89%
  • I’m interested but do not know how to use it

    2 11.11%
  • I do not know what it is

    1 5.56%
  • Never used it

    1 5.56%
  • Never will use it

    2 11.11%
  • Wish it had… / wish for something else

    1 5.56%
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    How important is ROG Connect to you? Help us Poll

    Hey guys, i am trying to gauge some feedback on how important ROG connect is to you, and why.

    if you dont know about ROG connect, check it out:

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    btw, help spread the word if you can

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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    There isnt much talk of it on the forum.. It was more of a curiosity toy, for me, than anything.
    I see most straight through the bios..ect.
    Maybe, again for me, if I saw others, 'the big guys', using and talking about using it then
    I would have re visited it.
    Without looking this second, I dont know if there is a sticky or other thread on this.
    Maybe a ROG Connect review by one of 'the big guys'
    but.... (what a word)
    Most have said, and excuse me for repeating this...'real overclockers' use the bios.
    Now you have sparked my juices...
    I have a amd64 x2 w/xp64 loaded just for this...
    I installed it, connected it, looked it over, moved on.
    Thank you for the nudge to re think this.c.

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    we have a sticky in the rampage section. the link i posted

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    Shut Up Stupid! Array DaemonCantor's Avatar
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    Jun 2011

    I think it's a fantastic starting point, but like chrsplmr stated looked at it and moved on...for me it just didn't have anything more to it than a fun way to impress your friends/relatives...Look I can control my computer from here!....the same goes for the Turbo feature for windows...not enough 965 black I can set the Core Multiplier to 19 in bios with out changing the voltage and it runs stable and cool as if I never did a change but with both the connect and Turbo V EVO the max setting I'm allowed is 17....also with multiple displays like I run I can have my game on #1 a Fan/Temp monitor on #2 and AMD Overdrive on #3....

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    AntiMatter Guru ROG Array chrsplmr's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    Thanks Brian..sorry I missed that.. I saw 'bluetooth'...didnt know it was the 'wire' ROGconnect too.
    They left that off the V you know? The C4E had BT...No app for my phone. (Java)
    The little bump ups are ok without rebooting...but eth.

    DC, Exactly.

    I hope I see a better response to is speaking volumes..with the lack thereof.
    No offense to Asus, but it is sort of like the AutoTune...I felt like I cheated....myself.
    I saw what it did though...and it opened doors.

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    Retired MOD and Reviewer Array
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    May 2011

    I use it while doing reviews of ROG boards and its pretty cool.

    Last week I gave away my laptop to a gal I know who lost her job and is going back to college to get her nursing degree. These times are so rough for so many, I am praying for some kind of economic turn around before we all have to suffer through another Great Depression, a world wide one to it seems.

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    ROG Guru: Yellow Belt Array 69_Goat's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    It's true, that most OC settings are set in the bios, as they should be. The ability to adjust clocks after booting is a real advantage
    to acheiving max clock frequencies.

    I have used ROG Connect quite a lot, both while benching, and while adjusting clocks for stability settings.

    For benching Vantage for example, I know the "Big Guys" have done it, as I have too, that is to adjust clocks mid bench.

    You can run the two game tests at your max clocks, then you can reduce the CPU frequency to run the CPU tests.
    The result is a higher overall score. 3DMark06 is another bench where I've used it in the same manner, only difference being
    adjusting clocks up again after the CPU tests.
    Another use is to downclock after the tests, while assembling your screenshot. The chances of successfully getting a SS of the bench
    dramatically improves with a lower CPU frequency.

    Another thing to keep in mind, is that you can usually bench at a higher frequency than you can POST at.
    I like to watch the voltage monitor screen while booting. If you watch it, you'll see a large spike while Windows is booting.
    XP spikes higher and longer than Win7, and this, I believe, is why XP is harder to boot into than Win7.

    For stability testing, I use it to initially set clocks and voltage, and when I find the settings I like, I go into the bios and hard set them. It's more of a time saver than constantly going to the bios to make adjustments.
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    TeamROG Moderator Array xeromist PC Specs
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    I voted "I’m interested but do not know how to use it" for all the visitors and random comments I've seen. It seems that there is confusion about which boards support what version of connect (rog connect, iconnect, etc) and how to connect them (bluetooth, wireless, USB). I know that much of this is related to the customer's device but it's not their fault that desktop, IOS, Android, Formula, Extreme, etc require different combinations of software and connection types. Perhaps having a FAQ linked from the ASUS support site would help.
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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array Cyrekk's Avatar
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    It is a great feature, definitely cool and I use it sometimes. I will be using it more in the future and would be saddened to so it go away. That said, it does come off as a little gimmicky and I wouldn't mind it disappearing provided that it is being removed to make more real estate on the board for a more desirable feature. I am hard pressed to think of an example though.
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