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    ASUS OC Panel Info


    I figured I'd make a thread about this. It seems very difficult to find any decent information on this device. Anytime I look it up it's synonomus with the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme. So nothing about the device itself, which is sold separately, shows up. Any video I have ever seen for it has been very short and has no one talking about it, but just background music. Does anyone have it and can explain to me more about what type of person might benefit from this device? I see the page with all the "tech" information from ASUS HERE, but I'm not too clear on it. It seems like it would be better to OC from the bios any so I'm not sure what advantages this device has.

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    I'm wondering if someone can supply more detailed information on this device. Especially for the installation. I would ask if there is a way to have the panel installed in a 5" slot but to have the possibility to use its "extended" features like the VGA hotwire and the additional fan headers ...

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    Installation is simple, there is a multipin cable that plugs onto the motherboard, it's basically plug and play. I can't comment on the vga hotwire or fan headers as I've never used mine in that manner.

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    Installing it in the 5.24 drive bay you really limited the purpose and functionality of the unit. I believe it was meant for the Bench-er / Tweak-er.
    when installed in the drive bay you can only monitor temps, Fans and voltages. VGA hot wire and Over Clocking features are limited to the motherboard bios or direct connect.

    In Tweak-er mode you have access to all features that you would normally have to do from the motherboard or direct connect. Hope this helps a bit.

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