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    290x directCU II Coil whine

    So I got two of my radeon r9 290x directCU II yesterday. Both of them have coilwhine, one is really bad and does it on idle, wich is a sure RMA for me.
    The other one was not as bad and I tried to leaving it in to see how it sounded after a while. But the more I hear it the more crazy I go. Now I can even hear it when scrolling a webpage, so I guess thats going back aswell.

    I tried overclocking, downclocking, increasing volt and decreasing volt but nothing changes. Overclocking and/or overvolting ofcourse makes it a tad bit worse.

    I was hoping the custom pcb and the black caps and all the other marketing skeems would eliminate coil whine, but guess not. I know its coils vibrating that causes the noise, some also says its a combination of the hardware used, is that true? If so is there any other brand that would be better to use than asus for the gpu?

    I'm using a Be-quiet! 1200w PSU on rampage IV BE and a 4930k.

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