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    ASUS G750jx-db71 5.1 channel audio


    I have an old stereo that only receives 5 channel audio and I cannot get my ASUS ROG G750jx-DB71 Laptop to send it 5.1 surround sound. It only wants to send 2 channel audio through the digital output. I have connected my ASTRO headset to it via S/PDIF and that works so 2 channel works great. I have tried to go to the Sound applet in the Control Panel and click on Digital Output and click configure so I can set it up for 5 channel but I am not able to because it isn't highlighted. Does the laptop just not support 5 channel or am I missing something? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. (I have a 5.1 speaker setup.)



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    Haven't checked into this too much myself, so you may want to get more verification, but check this post if you haven't already:

    Not sure if other kinds of SPDIF connection are commonly available these days, but you may want to confirm if you were connecting both your headphones and stereo by SPDIF optically as mentioned by GGCAN in post #4 of the thread above.

    Again, haven't looked much into this myself, but if you're interested, check this thread about SPDIF on the G55VW by srmojuze:
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    Both the audio chip and the S/PDIF standard support up to 7.1 audio, but S/PDIF is limited in that it will only do over two channels in compressed audio formats. In uncompressed PCM audio, it will only handle two channels.

    A codec is used for 5.1 and 7.1 passthrough. The second thread Albert posted describes it rather well.
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