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    Boot from usb to run password recovery

    I downloaded a program that's supposed to get me into my account using an ISO image (I have no idea what that is). It intended for it to be burned onto and booted from a CD, but I honestly though it would do that same thing from a USB. Is this not the case? What are some other options I can do to get back into my account? I've done simple bull****- like guess- and i don't have an admin account so don't suggest that please.
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    May I ask what password you are trying to recover?
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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    If you are trying to unlock your account, download a LINUX Mint image and install it on either USB or CD. Follow these steps:
    1) Mount your Windows partition (click on it on the desktop or in file explorer)
    2) Open up a terminal:
    2.1) type "sudo apt-get install chntpw" and follow instructions.
    2.2) type "mount" and look through the output for something like: "/home/[name]/media/[Windows partition name]"
    2.3) type "cd /home/[name]/media/[Windows partition name]/Windows/System32/config"
    2.4) type "sudo chntpw"
    2.5) Follow instructions
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