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    5.1 Channel is changing (one channel to right)

    Hi, sorry for bad english

    often (not everytime) when i play a video or mp3 or starting a game the channels move one to right.
    Front left is center
    center is subwoofer
    subwoofer is front right
    front right is back right
    back right is front left
    that hurts a lot

    Since the new drivers the problem happens very often (50% ca.), but it was with the old drivers, too.

    The Problem is solved when i switch to stereo and then back to 5.1.
    That works only in windows. In games i must quit an hope that it doesnt happen on next start of the game.

    Next (smaller) problem.
    I have cracking sounds in windows explorer when i open a tree etc.

    Meanwhile I changed my complete hardware (new pc, besides the phoebus) and surround speaker, installed windows etc.
    Problem not solved or changed.

    I won the phoebus on a LAN, cant RMA.

    please help, thx

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    Unfortunately, the channel mismatch bug has been a harmless but annoying bugaboo of the Phoebus (and at least one of its predecessors) for a long time...changing the speaker setting in the Phoebus control panel and changing it back is pretty much the only known workaround for it. That said, the crackling shouldn't happen under any circumstances; does that only happen when you're puttering around in Windows Explorer, or in other things?

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    Have you enabled Xear Surround Max?

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    Xear Surround Max is disabled. Should i activate?

    The crackling is only in windows explorer. Haven't testet alternative explorers, yet.
    In games etc. there is no crackling.

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    Hey Choanzel, this bug has been about since just about forever (and STILL has not been fixed ).

    If you have the option with your media player of choice, change the hardware support mode to WASAPI or ASIO. WASAPI works perfectly for me (I'm using MediaMonkey, but you should be able to change such preferences in any decent media player).
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