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    Upgrade Fails. Possibly related to windows.

    So here's the story. I have the ROG G55V model gamer laptop. I've had for about a year and its mostly pretty awesome. However, last month I had to send it in for repairs after windows 8.1 had somehow been corrupted. I got it back and it seems good as new, however it keeps saying it needs to restart and install upgrades. Problem is, everytime it does, after attempting to upgrade during start up, it says "upgrade failed" and "reverting changes." Why isn't the upgrade working? Is windows still corrupted? Also, I haven't upgraded to windows 8.1 because I have a suspicion that 8.1 is the reason it got corrupted in the first place, since this computer was made specifically for windows8. Anyone got any insight into what exactly is going on here and how to fix this. It's rather annoying because every two days wants to upgrade when I start up and tries and fails, which is very time consuming if I need to access my computer.

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