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Thread: power issue?

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    power issue?

    So I wake up this morning and the system won't wake, not that big of a deal.

    reset button, didn't respond
    press and hold power button, didn't respond
    flip switch on PSU responds 5 seconds later

    flip switch back, system tries to power on right away and shuts off all in less than a second
    press power button, on and off in less than a second
    press and hold power button for 3-5 seconds, system stay on

    I don't know what to check or what to do. I have tried to re-seat all the power cables, and a couple days ago I fixed some poor cable running mess, and now they are neat and the system is wonky.


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    What did you do to fix the wire management? Are any of the cables stretched or stressed? Are any of the cables pinned behind the motherboard? This can be a good way to hide them but sharp solder points could poke through the plastic coating.

    I would disconnect all peripherals and even remove the board from the case. Eliminate as much as you can until you achieve stability and then start adding back until you find the fault.
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    thanks, all i did was just really unplug and un tie them from each other, i had intermittent issues before where it didn't get any current but worked great after i fixed them. but after a re-install of windows i'm working right again. but i'll take it all down and test it as you suggest. perhaps get a volt/ohm meter to see if it drops current under load

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    1. maybe you unpluged from mobo power connectors ( 24 pin eatxpwr , 8pin eatx12v , 4pin ez_plug )
    2. maybe you unpluged system panel connector ( 20-8 pin panel )
    check this 2nd
    if you have modular PSU check cables from psu side

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