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    JH: Max StarCraft Potential and General Game Limits

    Okay first, I understand, it's a laptop which inherently brings some limitations. But this thing is a wondrous beast!

    On to it then:
    Starcraft II HotS
    Textures: Ultra
    Graphics: High (middle option, Extreme highest in this case)
    Reflections: off
    Post-Processing: Medium
    Indirect Shadows: off
    All else: High

    Gameplay: between 65 and 76 - not to concerned, rarely 76 or above.
    Movies: no issue
    Campain Interactive screens: 78 - 81. These just burn! Creeps up bout 1 degree every 30 to 50 seconds so I don't dwell long. Perhaps because models or textures are set so high?
    (Baseline: general use: 42 - 45, idle/wake: 24)

    What settings are you using? How much can you push out of SC2? Should I bump down some settings?

    I've had absolutely no issues with any other game, typically 70 max.

    My big question is this: How do I know when I've met the cap for a game?

    I still haven't been able to find very good info on heat limits for the g780m so that's why I get a little worried...

    Side Note: This card auto oc's up to 15% right? (off memory, sorry if incorrect). Will there ever really be a point to oc'ing this card then? And wouldn't heat be the main concern? If I hit heat caps now, then no point in oc'ing? (These are probably basic questions, I don't oc much sorry)

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