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    Question Motherboard for Asus G1S

    Hello there!
    I own a G1S but its graphic card is toasted (most Nvidia GeForce 8600GT are in fact, because of overheating. That's what killed mine...) But I quite like it and I would like to bring it back to life. BUT since the GeForce 8600GT is a reliable as my old TVR... (i.e. the most unreliable thing on earth), I wanted to get a motherboard (because the graphic card is welded on it and you can't change or upgrade it) but without the damn 8600GT.
    I know the "successor" of the G1S, the G1Sn, has the same motherboard, except it has an improved CPU, Graphic card and a few other things... I think it would fit the G1S as well but there's just a problem, according to this site: , there's two versions of the G1Sn, the A1 and the B1. I want to buy the motherboard from Ebay, but none of the sellers give the exact spec of their cards, all I know is that they only sell Part number 60-NLCMB1000-B01.
    But is it the one from the G1Sn-B1, the one with the Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn T9300 2.5 GHz 6MB Processor?

    If not, what is the part number for a G1Sn-B1 motherboard?
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