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    Does running 2 dual channel kits VS 1 quad channel kit make a difference on X79 mobo?

    Honestly does it make a difference?

    How can I be sure there is no difference or if there is how can I tell?

    I have 2 of these kits which are badass ...

    But should I spend another few bills to get a REAL QUAD channel dominator kit? like this one...
    or this one..

    (keep in mind my dominator GTs are 2133 and have a latency of 9 while the quad channel kits are higher clocked kits at 2400 and have 10 & 11 latency.)

    Or is there absolutely no difference and I probably cant beat my 2133 GT's with cas latency of 9? Just running 2 "dual" channel kits that I bought and not 1 "quad" channel kit?

    They are just 2 "matched" pairs, this is killing me LOL should I upgrade? I mean yes they "work fine" and I don't "notice" anything, but can anyone prove that thers is NO DIFFERENCE and a complete waste of money?


    THanks in advance guys!!!
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