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    4.2Ghz OC on 4770k reported by Windows as 0.8Ghz


    Looking for a bit of help with something. I overclocked my 4770K to 4.2Ghz and the task manager reports the speed as 0.8Ghz, its not though as all other programs report at it 4.2Ghz (AIDA64 being my main monitoring program).

    Honestly doesn't bother me, and I've know about it for some time but today I went to upgrade the firmware on my samsung 512gb pro 840, and it won't let me re-enable RAPID mode as it requirements are for greater than 1Ghz!

    So how can I get the OS (W 8.1 Pro) to realise the true clock speed? (Resource Monitor picks up on the correct speed).

    The overclock was done with the ASUS AI Suite 3 and the board is a Hero with 4770K.

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